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It was presented in 2002, being the direct successor of the Mazda 626, continuously produced since 1979. Mazda offered three body versions: liftback, sedan and estate. In 2005, the model underwent a modification. Under the bonnet of the model 6 there were Mazda’s proprietary engines. Cars for the European market come from the Japanese factory in Hiroshima and Hof. The top version of the Mazda 6 is the version called 6 MPS, which under the bonnet has a 2.3L MZR DISI TURBO engine generating 260KM. In  2007 production of this generation was discontinued and a completely new, second generation of the Mazda 6 was presented. 

Number of seats: 5

Air conditioning: Yes

Boot Capacity: max. 506l

Gearbox: Manual

Fuel Consumption: 4,2l/100km

Number of doors: 5

Fuel: Diesel


You have chosen a car: Mazda 6
Car class: D