What documents do I need to show at the time of renting?

To rent a car, you need a driving license valid in Poland, a valid ID document (identity card or passport). 

Can I have a foreign driving license?

The foreign driving license is valid. The exception are people with a driving license issued, among others, in the USA, Canada, Japan, Australia and Turkey, they must also have an international driving license.

When is the contract signed and payment made?

Signing of the contract and payment takes place when the car is given by our drivers. 

What are the rental hours?

We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is free to pick up the car during the night hours and return it in the early morning hours.

Is there an age limit for a person renting the car?

Yes, the minimum age is 22 and you have to have a driving license for at least two years.

What is the minimum rental period?

The minimum rental period is one day. The exceptions are Easter and Christmas.

Are any additional costs charged?

The only additional charge is a car cleaning fee of PLN 50, which frees the renter from the return of a clean car.

Can a car be operated by someone else than the one indicated in the rental agreement?

No, the car can be run by a person who has been licensed in the car rental agreement. There is a possibility of adding additional drivers to the agreement, which is associated with a one-time fee of PLN 50/person.

Is there any deposit?

We charge the deposit if the renter/driver is under 25  and/or he/she has a driving licenses for a period shorter than 5 years. The amount of the deposit is determined individually for each rental (the deposit amount shall not exceed PLN 3,000). The exception is the rental of class D, where at each rental a deposit of PLN 3000 is collected in the event of any road incident regardless of the driver’s age and experience in driving. The client pays the deposit when paying for the car rental. If the car is returned without any additional damage, the deposit is returned upon returning the car.


How shall I understand the phrase: “provide a similar car as ordered, of the same or higher class”?

When booking a car, the customer selects the car they prefer, but if we cannot provide the car in the time chosen by the customer, therefore we offer a car of the same class or sometimes even a higher class without additional payment.

Is it possible to travel by car outside the country?

Unfortunately, at this moment it is impossible.
Do the cars have a limit of kilometers?

No, you can drive as far as you need. In the case of long-term rentals (over 1 month) the limit is set individually.

Can I extend my rental during its duration?

It is possible, but please inform us (preferably by phone) up to 2 days before the expiry of the time of returning the car.
What form of payment is accepted?

The company accepts payment by bank transfer,  by debit/credit card (MasterCard, Visa), cash (PLN or foreign currency)

The data of the debit/credit card must be consistent with the data on the ID document submitted.

Can I pay by a foreign card?

You can pay by cards issued by banks around the world that support the MasterCard or VISA payment system.

 Does the car have to be returned with a full tank of fuel?

The car is rented with a full tank of fuel and it should also be returned in this condition. Otherwise, if the car will require refueling, the customer shall be charged with additional costs.

Can I buy additional equipment?

We offer GPS navigations, baby car seats (Maxi-Cosi) and stands for children.

Are the cars insured?

Yes, our cars have insurance packages prepared for the rental company (including the accident insurance package).

What do I need to do during a car breakdown/collision?

In the case of incidents related to road collision or car breakdown, please contact our office directly: +48 735 74 74 74, +48 725 74 74 74 or +48 735 74 74 75.

What costs do I bear when the car has been damaged?

If the renter is the victim, they do not bear any costs, their duties include calling the police and writing down the data of the perpetrator. In the case when the renter is the perpetrator, the maximum contribution to damage on the rented car is PLN 3000.

Can I pick up the car at the airport in Gdansk?

We deliver each car directly at Lech Wałęsa airport in Gdańsk. On the day of booking after picking up the luggage at the airport in Gdansk, please contact our office: +48 735 74 74 74 or +48 725 74 74 74, within 5 minutes after the phone the driver will bring the car to the terminal exit.

Can I return a car in a different metropolitan area than the Tri-City?

Unfortunately, returning a car in another city is difficult, although it is possible, for an additional fee.

Do you have cars with diesel engines?

Our fleet is growing month by month. We have cars with gasoline engines and diesel engines. We can be proud with 90% of our cars powered by economical diesel engines.


Does your company offer discounts?

Every returning customer is rewarded with a discount depending on the number of rentals. If you came to us on somebody’s recommendation,  you can also receive a discount.