1. These Regulations specify the terms and conditions of car rental agreements concluded by  ‘name and address of the company operated by’ as a part of car rental company in every way. The Regulations shall apply to all rental agreements.
2. Only a person who is over 25 years old and has the right to drive the rented vehicle within the territory of the Republic of Poland (driving license) for a minimum period of three years before the date of signing a rental agreement may become the renter of the car and the person authorized to drive the vehicle.
3. The rental fee and the costs of additional services ordered shall be collected in advance in accordance with the rate applicable on the date of the rental agreement specified in the Price List for the entire rental period. 
4. The Lessor shall charge a fee equal to PLN50 for cleaning the car after renting (cleaning and refilling the windshield washer fluid).
5. Vehicles have insurance packages prepared for the car rental companies.
6. The car rental company shall reserve the right to provide a similar car as ordered, of the same or higher class.
7. The Renter receives a technically efficient vehicle without faults and any damage (all remarks regarding the technical condition, internal and external appearance and noticed damage are included in the Report on handing over and returning the vehicle, constituting an attachment to the agreement) and bears full responsibility for damage caused to the rent, which are not covered by insurance or not fully covered by the insurer.
 8. The Renter is obliged to provide basic vehicle service (checking the oil level, coolant, external lighting, tire pressure and tire condition), keep the vehicle clean and secure it against theft (closing the car, leaving the windows closed, parking in safe places).
9. The costs of repairing damaged tires shall be always borne by the renter.
10. The Renter shall undertake to return the vehicle undamaged, with complete equipment and documents at the place where the car was picked up or another agreed place, at the latest at the end of the agreement. The Renter picks up and returns the vehicle with a full tank. The costs of current fuel purchase and possible topping up of operating fluids shall be covered by the Renter. Each extension must be agreed and approved in writing by the Best-Rent24 representative no later than 24 hours before the end of the agreement. Unlawful extension of the agreement authorizes the Lessor to charge an additional fee of 200% of the daily rate for each subsequent day started in breach of the contract. Lack of notification of the intention to extend the rental period and failure to return the car within 24 hours from the end of the agreement causes notification to the police (appropriation of the vehicle – Article 284 of the CC)
11. In the event of an accident or vehicle loss, the Lessor must be immediately informed about this fact. In the event of an accident, collision or loss of a vehicle, the Police should be immediately notified and the vehicle secured. In the event of collision occurring due to the fault of another participant of the road traffic, a declaration of the perpetrator’s guilt should be obtained from the Police.
12. The Renter shall undertake to take full responsibility and cover any damage resulting from driving a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs and pharmacological substances that prevent from driving a car.
13. Insurance charges do not include car theft if the car keys or documents of the rented vehicle are not returned to the Lesser.
14. The Renter is obliged to use the vehicle for its intended purpose with due diligence. In particular, it is forbidden to:
– drive under the influence of alcohol or other psychoactive substances; – tow other vehicles using the rented car; – exceed the permissible load specified in the vehicle registration document; – smoke in the rented car; – make any modifications or other changes to the rented vehicle affecting the property or the value of the rented vehicle without the knowledge and written consent of the Lessor, in particular, it is forbidden to exchange any part of the vehicle; – use the vehicle for other purposes, which go beyond the provisions contained in the rental agreement and the Regulations, in particular for purposes not related to ordinary use, – use the subject of the rental, including participation in car events, car tests, transport of flammable loads, poisonous and dangerous materials, help in committing illegal activities. – carry out other activities that may damage the vehicle – transport animals without prior notice to the Lesser – pass the vehicle to third parties 
15. The rented car must not be moved outside of the Republic of Poland without the written consent of the Lesser. Entering Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Albania and the countries of the former Yugoslavia by the rented car is forbidden.
16. Vehicles provided by the Lessor for rent have the anti-theft securities required by the Insurer. In order to protect property against theft, the Lessor has the right to install a GPS location transmitter in the vehicles rented. 
17. The Lessor shall charge contractual penalties in the following cases – keys loss – cost depending on the car model – vehicle documents or registration plates loss – PLN 700.00 – damage or soiling of the upholstery – the actual cost of the repair at an authorized service center – substitution of a vehicle parts or its equipment – double value of replaced parts or equipment according to the current prices of the authorized service center, including replacement costs. – early termination of the agreement – the daily rate of the rent – returning after the deadline specified in the agreement, without the consent of the rental company – double daily rate of the rent. – damage to the vehicle – the value of the damage up to the amount of the deposit, unless the regulations state otherwise – returning the vehicle with an incomplete fuel tank – the cost of refilled fuel + 30% – loss or destruction of the navigation device (GPS) – the cost of the device.